Safaris & Photography Workshops

We provide experiential luxury safaris across Africa, offering set-date departure, bespoke itineraries and mobile safaris to suit our guests pace and specific interests. Our portfolio of safaris showcase Africa’s most sort after and emerging wildlife destinations and ecotourism enterprises. They feature luxuriously charming decor and design and are built with sustainability as a priority. Daniel Dugmore Safaris’ highly knowledgable and friendly team ensure that guests are guaranteed a high-quality and experience driven safari.


Mobile Safaris

Classic tented safaris with private camps, private guides and experiential luxuries you  can only find on an African mobile safari.  

  • Botswana

    10 Day Photo Safari

    Botswana is home to the largest inland delta in world, supporting some of the most extraordinary concentrations of wildlife. 35% of Botswana has been set aside as Wildlife Management Areas. This provides wildlife photographers with a truly wild photo safari and a promise of real adventure.  The Okavango supports some of the largest populations of Lions, Leopards, Wild Dogs. Botswana supports the largest population of Elephants in the world. 



  • Namibia

    14 Day Photo Safari

    Namibia is a country of endless diversity and opportunities for wildlife photographers. It is home to the oldest desert, the largest dunes, the deepest underground lake and some of the oldest cultures on the planet. The Namib Desert is a sea of red sand along the Atlantic coastline, a contrast of desert and water unlike anywhere else in the world. Celebrated for its vast open landscapes, infinite blue skies, star filled nights, specialist desert dwelling wildlife and desert adapted Lions & Elephants.



  • DRC


    10 Day Photo Safari

    The Democratic Republic of Congo is a truly unique destination. It is a land of spectacular biodiversity and one of the most vulnerable wilderness areas on the earth, in desperate need of increased development of tourism. On this one of a kind safari you’ll accompany Daniel Dugmore to the oldest National Park in Africa - Virunga. We’ll walk deep in the jungle in search of wild Chimpanzees. This is also one of the last places on earth you can still find endangered Mountain Gorillas in the wild. 



  • Kenya

    Coming Soon

    Kenya is a land of true diversity. From true desert environments to rain forests, coastal and marine ecosystems and the great savannahs supporting some of Africa's largest concentrations of wildlife. As the birthplace of the African Safari you will experience a truly original and authentic journey in some of the most exciting and diverse environments on the planet.  


    Coming Soon


"Daniel's passion and enthusiasm for the natural world is contagious. As a third generation guide and safari operator his knowledge and appreciation for Africa’s wild places is truly embedded in his DNA."

Colin Bell - Natural Selection Travel

 - Africa's Finest


Daniel Dugmore is incredibly professional and clearly takes a tremendous amount of pride in delivering the best quality in what he does. It has always been a pleasure working with him. 

Joshua Axford - CEO

- Marine Megafauna Foundation


"We couldn't have asked for a better guide on our very first African safari. Daniel's enthusiasm for the natural world and his expansive knowledge of the flora and fauna was seemingly boundless. I must have asked him a thousand questions during our stay, and found him to be a wonderful resource."

Chris & Mairi Welman - British Columbia, Canada

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